This is a poem of radical acceptance. The poet opens before the reader the intricate interplay of fatalistic determinism and freewill, a tug of war that stretches till date in Philosophy and Behavioral Sciences, by revealing how we all will have our share of good times and bad, and how we have blank pages to fill with sorrow and happiness.

The poem tends to hint at the absurdity we live in. Stars that guide us may as well mislead us. On the other hand, the ambiguity of a mist, may lift up to reveal a new day on the horizon.

Though this poem seemingly ends on a positive note, it is yet another morning with sly promises for blank spaces to fill, it’s share of absurdities and another night to bear. Yet in accepting this, lies the thrill of being alive, with the surprises that life has got to offer. Perhaps this is the hope at the heart of this poem.

2 thoughts on “Our share of night to bear

  1. It’s a very thoughtful poem and relevant. Even in the clutches of covid 19 , we , people across the world, the infected and non infected of this dreadful disease survives in the hope that things will get better. News on new invention of medicines to combat covid , success and failures , make us to believe to move on.. The world has started to believe there no star, no prince charming to save , still it has made people to unite and pray for the sake of others.
    Ak you conveyed it very well, keep going..regards

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