The art of reading is a profound form of  human connection, whereby you connect with another human being, beyond the confines of space and time. Sometimes, words written long before you can validate your pain when no one around can. Sometimes no one understands you better than the words that reflect your experience. Sometimes you realize how little you knew about yourself when you discover yourself through a character born into eternity, much before you. Reading awakens your thoughts and it moves your emotions. Reading is the static dynamism that enriches your life with the glimpses of a hundred thousand lives. The way it heals us is its magic and it’s mysticism is distilled from years of human experience. This is why they ask you to read, all the time. It is a deep, intimate and spiritual exercise for our souls. I invite and welcome you to share the pleasure of a few good books through my reflections on the things that I read. When one more person chooses to read, one more ray of hope for a better tomorrow pierces through our darkness. 

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.” – Frederick Douglas